The Golf Diaries - Book 2 - Swing & Bling

The Golf Diaries

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The Golf Diaries - Book 2 - Swing & Bling

Chloe has officially made golf her sport of choice, but now she wants all the things that will make her feel like an official golfer. At the top of her list is a full set of clubs!  And now that she has GFF’s she is sharing all her blingtastic tricks with them. She discovers what a great fundraiser golf can be when she and her GFF’s raise money for a friend in need. Chloe then has some creative ideas for her own wants, but she has to find a way to sell her parents on her plans.  

A few things have remained the same...Chloe STILL WANTS A DOG, she STILL has a crush on Tyler, and she REALLY LOVES hanging with her GFF’s!

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