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Gwen Elizabeth Foddrell



Gwen Elizabeth Foddrell was born in Richmond, VA. She started playing golf at the age of 12. Before she played golf she was a competitive figure skater. The switch to golf came from a knee injury she suffered in figure skating. Her father took her to play golf while she was healing and she fell in love with the sport of golf.

She says that she feels golf is so calm and peaceful. While golf and figure skating are both individual sports, they are very opposite when it comes to the climate and length of a round vs. a skating program.

Gwen started writing at the age of 13. She was told she needed to improve her writing and her mother encouraged her to write about whatever she was doing. She was golfing everyday so it became the topic of her writing which later became her book series.

Gwen’s writing is not always about something that happened to her. It could be about her younger brother, people she was playing with or a story someone told her while she was playing.


Her favorite golfing partner is her brother, Gage. She says if she can keep up with him on the golf course she considers that a good day! And as an added bonus he often supplies her with good story material.